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Guild Farmer-Veteran Bill Sails Through Assembly

Our California Guild measure, Assembly Bill 376 regarding Veteran Farmer Incentives has, in recent weeks, passed by unanimous vote through three policy and fiscal committees (Labor and Employment, Veterans Affairs and Appropriations).

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Guild Joins Partners For “Roundup Return Day”

Thanks to the efforts of the California Guild and our coalition of partners across the country and around the globe, today, July 7, the California EPA will add glyphosate, the active agent found in Monsanto’s weed killer Roundup, to California’s official list of carcinogens.

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As a community-based organization, the California Guild provides a natural venue for the discussion of local, state and national issues. The California Guild is unique among similar community-based organizations as its policy development is grassroots, its politics non-partisan and issues oriented.

CapitalMembers meet in their local Community hall and debate issues of common concern. Topics discussed range form issues of local concerns such as street maintenance and property taxes to international treaties and universal access to telecommunications products.

After debate the Community chapter members draft and vote on resolutions concerning the issues. If the issue is local, the members will pursue local solutions such as testifying at public hearings and writing letters to local government officials.

Resolutions covering state issues are sent by Community chapter to the California Guild for consideration by the delegate body at the Annual Session. Again, if the resolution passes with a majority vote of the representative delegate body, it becomes California Guild policy.

The objective of the California Guild legislative policies is to represent the views of our diverse membership and the needs of their communities through grassroots advocacy.


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