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Writing A Resolution


Writing Resolutions

Its Easier Than You Think!

One of the real benefits of membership is the opportunity to have an effective voice regarding issues that effect our lives.

To begin with, you need to identify the problem. Determine what you want to accomplish. What is the solution? This is the Resolved, and should contain explicit instructions on what you want the California Guild to do.

Now, you need to identify why the change should be made. These are your Whereases. Remember that a resolution does not need a Whereas if the Resolve states clearly an action and there is no need to argue its merits. The Whereas will not be a part of your Resolved, so the Resolved must stand on its own. The Whereases are not read on the floor at the convention. Only the Resolved is.

Here’s how your resolution should be formatted:

Title of Your Resolution
Your Chapter Name & Number
Author / Contact Person
Phone and/or Email

Whereas:  This is where you identify one problem that needs to be addressed or solved; and
Whereas:  Only place one reason or fact that supports your argument in each whereas paragraph; and
Whereas:  Only put facts in the whereas paragraphs that make it easier for the reader to understand the purpose of your resolution. Therefore be it
Resolved:  This is where you clearly state the primary action that you propose to solve the problem you identified in the whereas paragraphs. This statement should stand alone.

If additional resolveds are required to explain secondary actions, they may be added.

When sending your resolutions to the California Guild, you may include supporting documents you want the committee to consider. You may contact the Committee Chair if you wish to discuss your resolution.

The resolutions should be mailed to:
California Guild
Attn: Resolutions
3830 U Street, Sacramento, CA 95817

or email to: