Ground Operations Movie Tour Begins at the Capital on April 30

Ground Operations: Battlefields to Farmfields champions combat vets who are rebuilding their own lives as organic farmers & ranchers and revitalizing their communities with access to local, affordable, fresh, healthy food.

The California Guild is touring the movie with the filmmaker starting at the Capital and later in the day at the Performing Arts Center in Sacramento on Thursday, April 30, 2015.

Our warriors are coming home from battle. They face a daunting transition back to civilian life, marked by unemployment, prescription drug addiction and astronomical suicide rates. They need a new mission. Simultaneously, we are losing half of American farmers to retirement and the USDA is calling for one million new farmers to fill the gap. Agriculture’s problem is the veterans’ solution.

Ground Operations Tour:

Thursday, April 30thGround Operations
At the Capital, Room 447
Sacramento, CA
1:30 pm
Guest Speaker: Michael O' Gorman
Farmer Veteran Coalition

Performing Arts Center
3823 V Street, Sacramento, CA
7:00 pm
Guest Speaker: Michael O' Gorman
Farmer Veteran Coalition

Friday, May 1st
Hessell hall
5400 Blank Rd, Sebastopol, CA
7:00 pm

Saturday, May 2nd
Laytonville hall
1620 Branscomb Rd, Laytonville, CA
7:00 pm

Sunday, May 3rd
Humboldt hall
5845 Humboldt Hill Rd., Eureka, CA
7:00 pm

FREE Events - Donations Gratefully Accepted

For more information and RSVP: (916) 448-4537

Film Info: (805) 640-1133